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Margherita Pie
Meat and Cheese Sandwich

Authentic NY-Style Deli

We hand slice the highest quality Boars Head meats and cheeses to make your perfect sandwich, wrap, or sub. Choose from one of our specialty sandwiches or pick all of the ingredients to pile on your personal favorite.
o    Hot breakfast sandwiches
o    Deli Subs, sandwiches and wraps
o    Homemade salads and sides
o    Delicious soups

Raspberry Pie

Rustic Bakery

No matter how big your sweet tooth is, we can satisfy your craving. Our fresh-baked sweets may not be packed in fancy boxes with gold labels but they are made from scratch and taste like they are fresh from your oven. Customer favorites…
o    Sugar cookies
o    Nut rolls
o    Poppyseed rolls
o    Fruit pies
o    Cupcakes

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